What our clients say about us

Just a few words from some of our happy customers.

"thank you very much indeed for providing us with such useful sessions on First aid, they were brilliant"
Corn Exchange & Sinodun Players, Wallingford

"Great training, thank you"
W&S Recycling

"Just to let you know that your first aid training came in useful yesterday. We had an incident here. Jo and Vicky dealt with the casualty and said that the course gave them confidence needed to deal with the situation"
Charlton Garden Centre

"Highly recommended"
Aldens Butchers Oxford

"This has been the best course I have ever attended - superb"
Fairfield Residential Home

"We tried a St Johns course nearer to us but were very unimpressed and having experienced your training, I hoped they may be able to attend a course run by yourselves."
Millets Farm Shop

"Thank you so much for this comprehensive training"
Aurora HP services Ltd

"Thank you for organising the training so efficiently and everyone has said what an excellent course this was compared to others they had attended in the past"
The Bridge (Oxford) Ltd

"a great event and we really apprciated the slant you gave to personalise this training to our business"
OKA Direct

"Thank you for coordinating this training for our members, all of whom are pleased they now have a life skill as much as a qualification for the workplace"
Rotaract GB&I

"I use a trainer who runs open first aid courses. I will ask him to send you some details. He is excellent!!"
GH Safety

First Aid Training is not just something you have to do to meet the regulations. Read this true life example of how our training helped save a life.

A very real email we received from a previous delegate:
Both Deborah and I would like to express our appreciation of the course that Deborah attended in February. This morning on of our tutors arrived and collapsed immediately with a suspected heart attack. Thanks to the course, Deborah dealt with him calmly and in a professional manner – she was amazing - that is the opinion of everyone here. The ambulance arrived very quickly but without Deborah’s actions who knows? Once again, thank you for the quality of the course provided.
Carole Seward, Bursar, Oxford Centre for Mission Studies
Carole is right when she says we are grateful for all you did in running the training so effectively and helping the procedures to become second nature. I truly believe that we have not lost a dear friend today purely thanks to the training you gave me.
He was unconscious, unresponsive and lying in a very awkward manner when I arrived on the scene. He was not breathing, had no pulse, had partially swallowed his teeth and was turning a strange colour. If I am honest, I really only ever expected to stick plasters on people when I came on the course. But when I left the hospital once his wife was with him this afternoon, I realise that what you gave us was the ability to help people to hold on to life and reason until the professionals arrived. He was able to recognise me when he came round at about 3pm this afternoon. Considering we thought we had lost him, that is a truly awesome experience.
I had one moment’s panic when I was first called and saw that he was in such a bad way - that I might not remember everything perfectly. But it was over in an instant as I remembered all the clear steps you taught us to take. Anyway. Thank you.
Deborah Lake

Various other comments from our open courses

"thank you for such an enjoyable day, I have learnt so much"
"Superb day and would not hesitate to recommend to my colleagues"
"made what could be a dry subject, very interesting"
"excellent course and I learnt much more than any first aid event before, thank you".
"Mike was enthusiastic and practical with his explanations"
"a great day and I feel much more confident to admnister first aid if needed"
"everyone should do this course"
"enjoyable and useful course"
"really enjoyed it, thank you"
"I enjoyed it, which I never expected"