First Aid Training DVD

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Designed to assist your training requirements and support the HSE's 'strong' recommendation that all first aiders should refresh their knowledge on an annual basis.

"we were delighted to find this product to support our first aiders with their knowledge and training"

"being able to watch the DVD in my spare time was better than having than leaving the office when busy"

This DVD covers all the latest protocol (October 2013) and techniques in a clear step by step guide, combining video, demonstrations, presentations, voiceover, text and high quality graphics. It`s designed to give you the knowledge and importantly, the confidence to act in a first aid situation.

Use in conjunction with our specially designed Evaluation Test to determine effectiveness of your learning. The Evaluation Test offers your business the perfect combination for doing all Refresher Training. You can download, print and use for FREE. To download our exclusive Evaluation Test, click on the icon at the bottom of this page.

Our easy to navigate DVD covers first aid in the workplace or at home with your family. It is designed to support, but not replace any formal training. It is ideal for enhancing new skills or providing a revision of your existing skills.

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To get a feel for how beneficial our First Aid - A Comprehensive Guide can be for you as a First Aider, Trainer or Business, watch the official trailer below:

The focus of this DVD is your learning and replicates a proven training environment and structure that is easy to follow and includes:

  • What is the injury or condition ?
  • Signs and symptoms to help you make a correct diagnosis
  • The Recommended treatment to be given
  • A useful summary
  • Free evaluation test (downloadable below)

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Download Free Evaluation test to be used in conjunction with our DVD



Nuco are our governing body, we are members of the Federation of First Aid Training Organisations, the Association of First Aiders and Tourism South East.